The Answer is The Question

Evolution: replication * protein structures * increasingly complex organisms * human consciousness * language and external memory * culture * our latter day lives. It's all one picture. We need to be able to develop out mental scope to be able to assimilate it. To see the very large we can study first the very small, very local -- the phenomenon of our wondering about the order of it all. In other words The Question is The Answer; or at least the true beginning...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dynamic Dorothy gets me going most mornings.
The Answer is The Question

Monday, September 12, 2005

Think about it: humans interpret language. Language is there to be interpreted. By talking at and listening to each other we run eachother by remote control. Language is this remote control architecture by which we can anticipate and coordinate with eachother.
I open my mouth because I have faith that it's worth my effort. By making sounds, of greeting or conciliation, I can diffuse tension and create goodwill. That's because I can utter sounds that will create mental images in you, sometimes of great power, even though I did not put them there. That's the hall-of-mirrors of convention -- this set of that-which-I-know-that-you-know(-even-though-I-couldn't-say-why-it's-just-what's-there-...-y'know?) -- that makes it all tick. The memeplex is built upon convention; this hall of mirrors that comes straight out of protein and is structured just as tightly.